Saturday, January 12, 2013

American-Joy Launch


My name is Joy and I'm an American. I grew up in Florida and moved to California when I was 15 years old. That's me up there as a young gal in California visiting my father. I have had the privilege and amazing experience of living in South Korea for the past five years. During this time I have explored Korean culture, but most importantly learned my place in this world. Through my expat-eyes I have been able to determine what makes me an American and what makes my country so unique. As I return back to my country I can't help but bring this new world perspective with me.

As I grow a new life for myself in Seattle, Washington it will be my goal to share what makes America special and unique. Some say they experience "reverse culture shock" when returning to their home country after living abroad. Well, I am really looking forward to it! Keep in mind I don't really feel one country is better than the other. Instead, I deeply appreciate how people live and function in their world.

This blog will showcase my new life as a graduate student and repatriated citizen. I hope to share new adventures, but also include the mundane everyday life experiences. In addition, I intend to include postings about being a graduate student in the field of TESOL and hope these posts can inspire others.

I'll be back in the States near the end of February, but before then I'll write about my ambitions and aspirations. Maybe even include some history...just whatever comes to mind.

Thank you for finding this blog and if you were a reader of "Foreigner Joy" than you can look forward to a similar style and taste in blogging.


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  1. Hi Joy,

    I have enjoyed reading your Korean blog occasionally over the years. Great work in putting so much effort into your blog on describing your experiences in Korea. I also worked as an ESL teacher in South Korea for 2 ½ years and have now been back in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona since June 2011. America is quite a different place to come back to after having left it to go to South Korea, isn’t it? Even almost 2 years later I still feel an indescribable pull to be back in Korea that I find hard to explain or put into words unless talking with someone who has also experienced this amazing country. If interested, please check out my blog about my life and time in Korea at Don’t worry, it’s a short read ☺ I seem to be about a once or twice a year blogger. I just use it for updating major events in my life (if even that!)
    Good luck to you in your transition back to life in the states!

    Jeremy Pettitt