Thursday, February 28, 2013

East Union St & 14th Ave

Today I wanted to head to the Toyota dealership but after breakfast jet lag started to kick back in and all I could really do was take a nap. That set the tone for the rest of the day as I didn't really do much. But I had a wonderful time last night with new pals at the restaurant Skillet. The title of this post is the street directions for this place. It's kind of a play on how the show Portlandia does things.

In the time that I've been absent in America food trucks have really taken off. The restaurant we went to was a diner version of their original food truck. From a Airstream metallic trailer they serve classic American dishes. The food truck is still puttering around Seattle, and in fact I passed by it on my outing the other day.

Inside the diner things were fun and pleasant to be around. On the wall they had put up actual skillets, water was served in Ball jelly jars and early 90's music was blaring overhead. An atmosphere for the sore traveler.

Although I didn't take snapshots of my food I can tell you that I had one of the best meals I have had in a very long time. I had the salmon dinner plate, which consisted of orzo pasta with tiny kale chips, and they were delicious.

It seemed everyone enjoyed their meals, one of fried chicken and another a salad. I got the hot fudge sundae, which was incredible!

As a newbie to this town I am starting to grasp the different names for each neighborhood. This place was in the "Capitol Hill" district, which wasn't too far from my area. Nearby I could see more restaurants and shops that looked interesting. But what I enjoyed was the walk from the bus stop to the diner. The dampness in the air and grassy lawns next to old style homes, reminded me of my dad's town. It felt good to breathe in that air.

Another perk of this adventure was that it walked me right next to my campus. So I was able to get a glimpse of it and the area.

Tomorrow promises to be a full day so I'm going to get my rest. :)

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