Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ikea Challenge

On my first day back here in America I spent most of my time arranging my room, but also enjoyed some nice moments recognizing where I am. There was the moment I looked out my window from my new desk and saw the American flag waving in the distance. Or admiring the limes at the supermarket, while getting my groceries.

Mostly I tackled making a bed frame, desk, chair, and bookshelf. My hands were already fatigued from picking up and carrying my suitcases. But I managed to use them to screw in the many parts that Ikea furniture requires. Thankfully, one of my roommates was home and helped me out.

As soon as the mattress was up on the bed, Tom crawled underneath the blankets and had his afternoon nap. Even though he went around the whole house yesterday he seems to be hanging out mostly in my room.

I didn't get very far from my house today and just ventured to the nearby Starbucks and grocery store. It was of course an exhilaration to hear English when ordering and be around English speaking people. But for some odd reason it didn't feel as impacting as it use to feel when I would visit. However, I feel like I need to get back into that American vibe where I know the right gestures and responses to make when in public. Like I learned a code of conduct living in Korea, and now need to shed that and put back on America's style. I hope I make some sense, jetlag can make your brain turn into noodles.

It was also fun to shop at the grocery store and see a whole place filled with what use to be "foreign food". I gave a little smile when I passed the "Asian and Mexican" food section. But I didn't really shop for much beyond breakfast food, since I needed to carry it home. I did buy 3 limes, cause they were 3 for a dollar. I don't even know what I'm going to do with them... haha

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics in of the new arrangements in my room before the sun went down. So once I tidy things up more I'll put up pictures.

Well I'm going to watch the Oscars (via an online feed) and maybe doze off from a hard days work!

Today's Weather: Cloudy
Today's Feeling: Tired, Excited, Determined


  1. brain would be noodles from all those Ikea instructions! ;)
    Lime in hot tea w/honey is good! Or lime squeezed onto avacado in salad or make guacamole!

  2. Your blogs are always so much fun to read. And also, in a strange way, fill ME with determination as well. It can't have been easy to move to another side of the globe even if it is your home but sometimes we just need to do stuff. And the fact that you're doing a good job of that feels me with courage to make changes in my life too. I just broke up recently, decided to not work for a year and instead study for India's most competitive exams... Fingers crossed. I used to love seeing Korea through your blog (it's my dream to go there) but I am also extremely happy that this new blog of yours will help me see a bit of the USA :)

    All the best for the future and hope Tom settles in asap.

  3. Thank you Anya. I'm glad that my new posts are still good to read. I'll miss posting about Korea but hope to share life in America with the same enthusiasm. I hope you pass your exam's, either way sounds like you have been working hard and that's a triumph in in itself!

    Lime tea sounds yummy, thank's mom!