Monday, February 25, 2013

The Little Things

Today was about squaring away all the stuff I brought over in my three suitcases and picking up some items at Walgreens that I needed. But it mostly seemed to be about appreciating the little blessings that come with American life.

For example, I enjoyed my Decaffeinated "British Blend" tea with a lime wedge in it and honey.

And then as I was picking up and putting away my things in their new places I also got to enjoy a full afternoon of sun shining in my room. The buzz around living in Seattle is that there are more rainy, cloudy and cold days than you would experience in other parts of the country. I think this is very hyped up and you kind of have to remember where you are geographically. Living at this longitude and close to the Pacific, it makes sense that days are going to be rainy or cloudy. But with global warming one can't really rely on old weather patterns. In fact, on the drive to my house my Taskrabbit told me that this was a pretty mild winter and that there might be an early spring. I'll take that!

Don't worry all that stuff found its way somewhere. I'll also try to take better pics of the final product and around the house.

Another thing I have been appreciating being out here is how clearer the air smells and feels. Living in Nowon, Seoul a black dusty grime would settle on my balcony. Out here there seems to be a more crispness to the air, which is a nice change. I'm also pretty glad I get to skip hwangsa (yellow dust) this year.

As much as I was enjoying these little treasures in life, Tom came along and did a very bad thing. In the living room the owner has up some window shades. They are like a paper screen type that fold accordion style up and down. The top part can fold down so that the top half of your window can be seen. Tom thought this was something he could perch on and was wrong, instead he punctured two holes in it. Thankfully the house owner was forgiving and said she will keep it that way in case something else happens. But later on will ask for help in replacing it. Tom, please don't destroy this new place?!

Otherwise, he has been adjusting well and the other cats seem to be use to him. I don't think he will ruin anything else but I'm going to try and keep an eye on him as best I can.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and venture into the city to pick up my WA license and phone. I'm thinking I could wait for the Galaxy S4, but by the time it hits stores I might not be able to wait. Ok Tom, you be a good boy!

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