Friday, March 29, 2013

1 Month In and Had an Interview

Well it's been about over 30 days here in my new American life. I have to say as nervous as I am start school I am feeling good. The sun has been shining more often these days and Tom seems to enjoy his new life here. I've come to know more about Seattle's neighborhoods and also discover fun places to go.

Even though I don't exactly know what my studying schedule will be like I already applied to a part-time substitue position at an ESL institute. They recently pulled me in for an interview and it was definitely a bit rigorous. Mostly felt a bit nervous after entering the place and seeing adult students mingling around, instead of young-ins running around everywhere. I do want to start teaching adults but at the same time anxious.

The interview started out with questions about my teaching past and I tried to answer as positively as possible. However, I tend to be too honest and answered some questions in ways I would have not preferred. For example, when asked what are not my areas of strength I answered, "I need to improve on my grammer." I backed it up by saying I'm really good at execution and interactivity in the classroom, but know I need to get stronger with my grammar knowledge. She did ask how I plan to do that and I outlined that I will self-study and keep up with it.

Overall, I think the interview went well and it's for a substitute position anyways. We get put on a list for whenever a teacher calls in sick or needs time off. So it could be random placement or planned ahead of time. The school looked small but with many students coming and going.

Well I start classes next week and who knows could be a "full time" student working "part-time".

Just got hired!!!!

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