Friday, March 8, 2013

Around Capitol Hill

My campus is sort of situated at the border between two neighborhoods, but it mostly is near the area called, "Capitol Hill." Let's consult Wikipedia for an account of how the neighborhood got it's name:

Prior to 1901, Capitol Hill was known as 'Broadway Hill' after the neighborhood's main thoroughfare. The origin of the neighborhood's current name is disputed. According to one story, James A. Moore, the real estate developer who platted much of the area, named it thus in the hope that theWashington government would move to Seattle from Olympia. According to another, Moore named it after the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, his wife's hometown. It is thought by the editors of HistoryLink that the true story is a combination of the two.
When people here mention Capitol Hill they talk of the great restaurants, cafes and pubs that one could visit. As I walked down 12th Ave and around Pike and Pine Streets I enjoyed seeing the funky store fronts and interesting shops. For instance there was a pie place and to my delight a cupcake place.

With hunger as my driving force I chose a slice of pizza from Mario's, for just around $3.00. It was a large and filling slice, that would have been great with some Sprite.

Having a smartphone is a real asset these days, as I was able to find the Blick Art Store just around the corner. I enjoyed browsing down the aisles and feeling the vibe of being there. I picked up a few sketching pens to add blue to my future drawings.

I couldn't help but take home a cupcake and picked up the Coconut Lime one, which was so delicious!

I look forward to getting to know Capitol Hill more and hope to get into their music scene. Since they are nearby my campus I'm sure I'll find some good eats to have before classes.

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