Monday, March 18, 2013

Class Observation

I'm really excited right now because I had a great time observing a class this evening. It was a sociolinguistics class, and I happened to attend their last day. So not only did I get a feel for a graduate class environment but people brought in snacks to celebrate.

As you can see I couldn't help take pictures of the spring flowers showing up on my walk to the campus. So the class touched on subjects I'm not familiar with and used lingo I didn't really know, but I sat back and synthesized it all according to my experience. The class structure seemed to be a lot of group dynamics and discussions, which I think will be great. I'm not sure all of my future classes will be modeled in the same way, but so far I'm liking this structure.

There was one part where were doing mock interviews for a program director at a school, and I participated. Even though I flubbed here and there, I think I gave out a good question at the end.

View of the entrance to the building where I attended tonight's class. The glass sculpture at the entrance was marvelous. But when I first walked in and saw other students with their notebooks and laptops, I felt intimidated. I couldn't help but think, "Oh, my! That is going to be me." But since I had so much fun and enjoyment out of the class it made my anxiety wash away. So I'm looking forward to April and feel more confident that I can do this.

Just a shot of what I had for lunch, which was a Chicken Catsu dish at a nearby cafe. It tasted more in the Japanese style than Korean, which wasn't too bad. The best part of that cafe, was that it was quiet and sunny.

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