Thursday, March 21, 2013

Diner's Digest

I've been doing a lot of dining lately and I don't want to pass up writing about it. For one I've found dining out in Seattle to be quite enjoyable. There are a lot of trends in the restaurant business these days and you can find them out here. For one the communal table thing, where you can sit at one long table with other diners around you. In Korea, I didn't really find this trend but would say that certain restaurants just had this "community" style anyways.

I recently experienced this trend at a pizza restaurant called, Serious Pie. Poor me thought that this was going to be some kind of pie place with like, "meat pies." But the "Pie" is for pizza pies! duh

In the world of pizza dining and eating I would say this was exquisit. The place actually had a separate brunch menu with biscuits as their feature, but we were there for the pizza.

First we ordered an appetizer of cured meats, which came with roasted almonds, bread sticks and pickled "Fibonacci broccoli". I'm sure that vegetable has an actual name, sorry. This was a sumptuous plate of items that made for a good snack while waiting for our pizza. The best part were the almonds.

Their pizzas come out on this black slab, that looks like a nice cutting board. We ordered a mushroom and truffle oil cheese pizza, that was probably the best one I've had in a long time. I really enjoyed the crisp crust that had sea-salt (I'm guessing) sprinkled on top, combined with the truffle oil seeping it's way in. I really just wanted to eat the crust more than the rest of the pizza. But the whole thing was incredibly delicious and for about 11 bucks, not too bad.

I washed my yummy pizza down with this interesting take on Ginger Ale, which had a spicy punch to it.

Overall, the communal dining experience was fun and since our table wasn't too crowded it still felt like intimate dining. Also I hope to be back at Serious Pie to try their other pizzas and maybe their brunch menu.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the other places I dined at but would like to make a note of them.

1. Umi Sake House: One of the major foods I missed living in Korea was sushi. This can be surprising for some considering Korea's proximity to Japan and the sea. But Korea generally got sushi wrong. This is coming from a Californian perspective. At Umi Sake House I enjoyed several delicious rolls of sushi, including one that was tempura fried. They have extensive happy hour deals throughout the evening.

2. Shilla Japanese Korean Restaurant: Last night I was craving Korean food such as a good pot of jiggae. We picked this place because it was nearby but was warned by a friend that it was no good. In the end, I found the food to be spot on with what I've had in Korea. Also you know it's a good Korean place if Korean people are eating there! We had galbi and bulgolgi bbq with an order of dwenjangjiggae. Their side dishes were lacking pizazz that you get in Korea, but worked out anyways. I did have to ask for scissors to cut the meat, which I thought was strange. Also they didn't come by and change the grill like the do in Korea. So those were the major differences. The jiggae was delicious but I think it had too much stuff in it and not enough broth. I'm hoping to get out to one of the major Asian markets here and get some ingredients to make this stuff at home.

Well this concludes my recent dining experiences. I hope to make more updates like these in the future as time passes along. So far I can tell there are a lot of great restaurants to visit in this city and unique culinary experiences to be had.

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