Sunday, March 3, 2013

Explorer Tom!

One of my priorities, besides getting a car and phone, is to make Tom happy. So far I think the larger space is something he has been enjoying, but I knew I wanted to let him explore outside. The place I am staying at has a porch / garden area that is fenced off. All this time he hasn't known about this area. Today I put on his collar and took him outside and I think he really enjoyed it.

He spent a lot of time sniffing around and walking carefully on the wet soil. One side of the fence has more room under it where he could get out, so I made sure he stayed away from there. My plan is to take him out to this garden now and then, when the weather is good. I won't just leave him out there but monitor him since it wouldn't be a good idea for him to roam around the neighborhood. Plus he isn't microchipped so I don't want to loose him.

I don't know if it will become a habit of his to follow me downstairs and beg to go outside, but hopefully we can add it to his routine. Otherwise he has my nice window to look at birds and other neighborhood activities.

See Tom, I told you American life would be fun!

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