Friday, March 1, 2013

It hasn't even been a week yet, and...

Wow! Today was a whirlwind of action. I headed downtown to the Toyota dealership and test drove 3 cars and then was offered some deals. Then I was hungry and had some lunch at Whole Foods and thought about going back to Toyota or seeing what Honda had to offer. So I walked up several blocks to the Honda dealership, which was a lot larger.

I initially wanted to check out the Honda Fit, but when I saw it lost interest. So she took me outside to see the Civic and as I got in to the Sedan I started to look at the 2-door next to it and asked, "What's that?" The rest is history.

This was the first time in my life at car shopping and it was certainly an adventure. I do wish someone had come with me to explain all the little details, but I did my best to understand and get things down to a reasonable price.

It's still not entirely final but tomorrow I will go to pick up the car and pay. I got the Honda Civic Coupe in blue.

Even though I am going to lease a car a part of me is going to miss taking the bus and being a city gal that way. But another part of me is going to enjoy just hopping in the car and zipping home.

I suppose there can be some fun road trips ahead of me, maybe a stop up in Vancouver!

Ack...need some sleep!

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  1. Congratulations!...Great choice!......however, wasn't there someone online who loves you & explained "all" the little details.....?