Thursday, March 7, 2013

On Campus

These days I have been visiting my campus to square things away for the next quarter. I was too early to pick up my pre-ordered books, but was able to get my student I.D. card. Now I can get into movies, museums and other places at a discounted price!

I have to say it was a little intimidating being back on a school campus after so many years. Not only did I feel old but also just out of date. However, when I went back today I seemed to have felt more comfortable and ready to do this student thing again.

The Seattle University campus is pretty nice, with lush gardens and trees here and there. The buildings all look pleasing and the layout of the grounds easy to navigate.

I visited the Student Center where a cafeteria was and other areas for student body organizations.

The bookstore was fun to browse around and I picked up two spiral notebooks that will be handy for my upcoming courses.

My meeting with my advisor went very well and he put me on the path for the next two quarters. He talked to me about this option at a smaller school nearby, where I could take elective courses for a smaller fee. However, I wasn't really planning on this so wasn't sure about doing that. It's only going to be offered this Spring Quarter. We also talked about local part-time and volunteer work and he advised to not do more than 20 hours a week. I've been looking around for opportunities and might start applying to see what I can get. Perhaps a visit to the school's career center to get my resume checked, would be a good idea.

I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to do in these two days, but I became familiar with the campus and area in the meantime. I hope to get back there to get my parking permit, books and check out the gym. Time to get into shape!


  1. Hi, I have nominated you for a blogger award. For fun :)

    1. THank you ANya! I'll have to check that out. :)