Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pike Place Market

If you were to compare Seattle's Pike Place Market to San Francisco's Pier 39 then you would find that Seattle's tourist trap blow's San Fran's out of the water. In fact, I don't even think you can evenly compare the two. Why is this? Pier 39 is a really deep tourist trap in San Francisco with stores that are more commercial than local. Granted they have a farmer's market closer to downtown these days, but really it's not the same. However, I still think Pier 39 is a fun place to go and a place you should visit when in San Francisco.

But the Pike Place Market or Public Market Center, here in Seattle, was truly an amazing experience. I had the pleasure of going there yesterday around noon with the blue skies beaming above.

When entering the market your kind of overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of what is going on. At the main entrance is where the fish booth is, which is where the famous "fish throwing" thing goes on. From what I know the fish they throw around isn't real, and just for show. But this draws a crowd, which is fun to gawk at.

Then you turn right and the lovely colors of pastels and floral scents hit you as you pass by several flower booths. Walking down the hallway passing the different variety of stalls and food shops certainly had me in a daze. I enjoyed seeing handmade crafts and discovering different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

In addition to these lovely sights is a glimpse of the architecture and design throughout the hallways. I really loved the old style in the signs and also the neon signs glowing above.

I bet this place has a different vibe at night with the neon and warm yellow bulbs lighting up the place. Towards the end of the hallway there were windows and an area to look out at on Elliot Bay.

I left the Market Hallway and walked to a nearby park, while passing by the original Starbucks.

Most of all I liked being out and about with my camera and exploring this part of Seattle. I can definitely see that they do their best to bring in a crowd but also keep things classy and true to their roots. Nearby the original Starbucks was more inside shopping with fun design around it.

After some lunch I headed to the Great Ferris Wheel, but I'll leave that for another post. For now I just want to say how much I liked visiting Pike Place Market, and hope to be back there someday to discover more hidden gems.

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