Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sketch in Seward Park

On Sunday I took my car out for a drive by cruising down past Washington Lake. The drive was a lovely one with the lake gleaming in the distance. I headed to Seward Park since it looked like a nice destination to try out.

This park has a clay studio facility where you can take classes or use the space freely. I took a peek inside and that first picture up there is a sculpture they had out front.

I can't tell you how refreshing it was to walk down this road and see the blue sky and water gleaming nearby. Also it wasn't too crowded, with enough periods of "no people" to get in some quiet moments. Looking around the park grounds I couldn't help but start to wonder about the geology of the local area. On this Seward park website it outlines some information about the local geology.

Lake Washington and the shape of the Bailey Peninsula owe their existence to a different era: the ice age that ended only 14,000 years ago and which was the dominant force in shaping the current landscape. The peninsula shoreline illustrates the geologic impact of humans through activities such as building canals and roads.
I didn't take on the whole course at the park and instead found the sun shining down a bench facing the lake and decided it was a good spot.

Here I enjoyed the sun warming up my face and blinding my eyes. Yet I managed to get a sketch in of the view using some new pens I picked up in Korea before I left.

From there I walked around a bit more and then headed back home, but all in all look forward to coming back to this park and exploring the whole trail.

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