Sunday, March 3, 2013

Water, Mountains, City, Moss

The sun came out this morning and blue skies were beaming with splendor. I'm beginning to understand that if it is still sunny out and with no huge dark clouds on the horizon by noon, then you can expect for a good sunny day. In fact, it seemed like my neighborhood looked more charming. People were out and smiling, joggers passed by and there was a feeling of ease in the air.

So after I picked up my dry cleaning I immediately hit the streets and walked towards Lake Washington. I was told there was a trail I could find that would take me towards the lake.

The trail went through a forested hillside passing a road and creek. All the while I was enjoying myself in the sunshine, fresh air and spring like atmosphere.

I think spring is practically here as I saw many green and flowery buds ready to burst open. I really liked the vibrant green growing on the mossy trees. Birds chirped in the background, and it just couldn't get anymore perfect.

This view came as I got closer to the lake and you really couldn't help but admire the level of blue hues in front of you. Then as you look out further and see the lumbering mountains in the background, you can't help but recognize how enormous the rest of the State is.

I came out of the trail and onto street level making my way down the road that paralleled the lake. I didn't know which direction to take and so just walked until something looked like I could access the lake. On the way I enjoyed seeing these purple flowers.

The clouds are something, aren't they? Imagine living in one of these lakeside homes! It didn't take long and I found a tiny little park next to the lake with a small bench and chair.

Here I took in the view, sounds and smells of my new home. I called my mom to share the moment with her.

There have been a few times lately when I start to think about what I'm doing. Here I am with no job and heading into a program that will send me more into debt. There is no guarantee I'll have a job when I graduate, so uncertainty starts to take over. But as I looked out over the lake I thought about how hard work pays off, and that I'll work towards my future. Funnily, the worst part about thinking how busy I'll be trying to go to Grad school and work part time is that I'll miss lounging at home with Tom by my side.

I've come this far and by golly I can go even further! For the most part I'm happy this trail and scenery is just a few blocks down from where I live. :)

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