Monday, March 25, 2013

Westport: Good Grub

This last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a getaway trip to Westport, WA. My goal was to see the Pacific Ocean and enjoy a little time away before heading into my program.

So we headed Southwest down the I-5 passing through several key cities, such as Olympia (the State's capitol). As we got further out towns became smaller and trees more dominant. At one point we even passed an area with Nuclear Power Plant stacks in the distance. We also enjoyed a stop in Aberdeen at this local Starbucks (the town where Kurt Cobain was born).

We checked in at the Chateau Westport, where we found ourselves looking out over the top floor of an ocean view. This was a lovely hotel to stay at, which included a hot tub and heated pool.

Why Westport, you might be asking? As I mentioned I wanted to see the Pacific but also enjoy some local history. Westport has only a population af about 2,100 people, which meant I could really get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also it is known for the largest Lighthouse in the state and some good seafood. So when we arrived into Westport we were hungry for lunch and headed to the port area.

Our lunch of fish and chips at Bennet's Fish Shack was incredibly delicious. Crisp and warm on the inside, I think I've never had such great fish and chips. The french fries, "chips" were all right and probably not close to the real thing. But they had ample amount of tartar sauce to dip your bites in.

The area nearby the restaurant was near the docks, where you could charter a boat to take you whale watching. We didn't do that on this trip, as it wasn't really guaranteed. But we enjoyed the local nostalgic atmosphere in the architecture.

Most of the shops were ice-cream, candy and souvenir places. It was still too cool for ice-cream, but we got some chocolates instead. Overall it was fun and enjoyable to walk along this street and then by the docks where the boats were.

In my next post, from this trip, I'll take you guys to the beach and perhaps the lighthouse. Hope this gets you excited!

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