Thursday, April 18, 2013

A field trip to Tulip Town

I had the great pleasure of going on a field trip to Tulip Town up in Mt. Vernon. This is an area about 1.5 hours north of Seattle in the Skagit Valley. What's special about this place is their fields of freshly bloomed tulips on display. If you are not a fan of pretty flowers than I would advise you to move on.

We arrived around 10AM and the sun was still hiding behind clouds, but we still enjoyed the sight of different types of tulips and array of colors. Origins from Holland, Tulip Town was originally and still is a bulb farm. The resulting photos are examples of the breathtaking scenery you can experience. The students enjoyed the trip and were encouraged to speak only English. I really enjoyed hearing them use English amongst each other and in natural contexts.

Let's just roll through the rainbow of colors found at Tulip Town...

The following were my favorite due to their variation of colors on the flower itself.

When walking past the bright orange and red ones, the brilliance of color was overwhelming.

The following were interesting to spot due to their unusual shape, but were also one of my favorites.

Students enjoying a good time at the tulip fields...

Nearby the fields was an outdoor display area...

The rest of the trip was spent stopping off at a few places for wine, food and shopping. The next stop was a nearby winery, where the flavors of the grapevine poured on and on. I tried a few of the white wines and was almost convinced to get a bottle. However, the students picked up enough for a good time. 

Next was a salmon-bake dinner put on by the local Kiwanis club at a park clubhouse. I think for the most part students experienced some American food and also a different kind of dining experience (family or picnic style). 

Our last stop was at a very small town called, La Conner which had antique shops and a nearby river to admire. I'll put up pictures later, as those are all on my phone. But what I took most from this leg of the trip was the surprise from the students. A lot of them kept asking, "Is this town real?" Mostly because it looked so quant and cute that it could of been a movie set. By the end of the trip mostly everyone was zonked out from the wine and wondering around. 

Even though attending the field trip was not paid, I think the experience of being with the students out of the school was priceless. I haven't been back to sub yet, and hope that my presence on the trip helped form a more comfortable relationship with these students. 

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