Monday, April 29, 2013

April Exits

My first full month of school has basically gone by. In this time I have come to understand what graduate life is like and also set my brain back into motion for learning.

I just finished practicing for my 5-minute resource presentation I will be giving on Wednesday in my Adult Learning class. What should be 5 minutes is really about 10 to 12, so perhaps I'll be okay if I speak too fast. I also printed off my handouts, which are little book pamphlets and need to fold those.

Life as a graduate is getting into a flow and routine. From Mon - Weds I pretty much focus hard on school, go to classes and try to get library stuff taken care of. Then from Thurs - Fri I work on homework and assignments, trying to clear up room for the weekend. The weekends are spent seeing new friends and getting out there.

I like being a graduate but sort of worry about it all in the back of my mind. For example, where will I be in 2 years when this finishes? Job??? So I want to make sure I focus on career enhancing activities, jobs, workshops...etc so I come out of my graduate experience with a resume behind it.

The quarter system sure is different from that of the semester system, which I was use to. Instead of having a little break in between things, you just keep going until the quarter ends. But so far I feel the courses are designed to fit the schedule.

A sample of the slides I made are below. The first two actually have moving gifs as backgrounds, which are pictured below too. I thought this would spice up the presentation a bit.

Actually through this process of trying to find lovely gifs to add to my presentation I figured out that there is a whole world of "cinemagraphs" out there. I think these are subtle yet lovely examples of photography, pop culture and imagery.

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  1. Beautiful presentation....I'm sure the content is equally as good!
    Thx for the cinemagraph info & link.....fantastic!
    Don't be surprised if your classmates presentations aren't as professional or artistic as yours!
    However, if the assignment was for 5 minutes....take the time now to edit it down.
    It's a good exercise...You don't want to be penalized & need to learn to keep to time limit.
    Again....thx for the cinemagraphs I really like the whole concept v. much! Some of the examples are terrific.