Monday, April 1, 2013

SAM and the Seattle Public Library

Last week I enjoyed a trip to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and the Seattle Public Library (Central location). Both of which were a pleasure to visit, however the library was a little tricky.

When I first walked into SAM I noticed this brilliant and large sculpture hanging from the ceiling.

The lights spreading out from the cars would dimmer on and off making it look like a fireworks display. Definitely an eye catcher as you wait in line to buy your ticket. During my visit they were having the special exhibit of "European Masters". Since I took a whole course on Rembrandt, when I was an undergrad, I figured this would be a fun show to flex my atrophied art muscles. This was mostly a collection of classic works from three major Dutch artists from the Kenwood House near London.

Most of the works by Rembrandt were a collection of his etchings, which were a delight to look at and examine in close proximity.

Other works by other artists captivated me, especially this one of a woman towering over the viewer.
They organized the exhibit in a way that tried to show you how these artists competed with each other and also changed their style as years went on.

I moved on from the special exhibit and quickly browsed through the other galleries, which included modern art.

The following picture is of some teens I spotted sitting on a bench and playing with their devices. I don't know but to me it seemed comical.

The Seattle Public Library's Central location cannot be missed when you are in downtown. Mostly because of it's architecture. Designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Ramus you can't mistake this oddly shaped building with it's diamond pattern. Not only that but visiting this library is an adventure of it's own. Once inside the library, things felt like a maze where if you choose to take the escalators you end up going past floors. Also since the escalators divide things in the center they would have a section of books blocked off by plexiglass, making it even more discombobulating. 

I thought I would just pop in, find what I was looking for and pop out. But that wasn't really the case and when I did find the books they were too big for me to carry home. From what I saw the library's more popular options included using the computers, checking out DVDs and enjoying the skylit lobby areas. I think if I'm ever around there again it would be nice to get something from their cafe and enjoy the atmosphere. 

There are plenty more museums and galleries to see here and perhaps I'll be able to add it into my new schedule. We'll see...

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