Sunday, April 7, 2013

Student Worker Life

As you can see posting has slowed a bit here on American Joy, and that's because my classes started this week. Things got off to a rocky start too, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I mixed up my Weds with my Tues class and so was in the wrong room and had to zip over to the right building. I was also a bit tired from the orientation at my new place of work. So my brain was starting to get fried, but I pulled through.

My Tuesday class is Linguistics for Language Teachers I and it is meant to teach us about the structures and basics of language learning, such as phonetics, morphology and so on. One thing I like about this class is that it seems the work load is light. However it is more of a technical class and I know I will need to do some extra reading to keep up. So far though I like the connections I have made with what I'm learning in class and what I experience in front of my own students.

The other class I'm taking is Adult Learning. This class I'm finding more enjoyable because it starts to hit home more on what Adult Education is like. Since I'm starting to teach adults I think I already have a natural interest in the subject. Plus the first class was more about sharing our experience as learners and making connections.

My part-time (substitute) position had me a bit stressed out last week. On several levels, one of which was trying to comprehend going to school and working. The other was teaching adults for the first time. I woke up way too early last Friday and ended up teaching an extra 2 hours to sub in for a teacher who couldn't come in the afternoon. So my brain was really fried by the end of that. However, I really enjoyed this new dynamic of being in a room full of ESL students from various countries. It was definitely different on so many levels from teaching in Korea. One they are older (of course) and the other is that they know English pretty well. They also ask tough questions that I sometimes had a hard time finding the answers. But I mostly tried to get them to speak the target language and also make dialog in class. I already knew grammar wasn't my strong suite but this experience really let me know how much I need to learn. I'm going to have to find a way to teach it in class and also have quick responses to their questions. I go back in tomorrow to substitute for 3 hours, so I guess I can get in more practice.

I've done my reading for next week and almost done with my homework. Just need to record an ESL speaker for the Linguistics class and I'm set. However, there are projects ahead and papers to be written. I realized that it might be beneficial to make a study group so I can see how others move along in the course.

After my teaching last Friday I tried to attend a workshop at my school. But my body and mind were so exhausted I could hardly comprehend what was going on. So I politely excused myself and left to take a rest. I think it wasn't just the work that exhausted me, but the impact of being back in school. It feels as if my brain had to turn on parts that haven't been used in a long time. I'm hoping things will get into a rhythm and I'll be careful not to over work. :)


  1. Of the four classes I'm taking this semester, linguistics is definitely my favorite. I'm also looking forward to sociolinguistics, which I'll be taking in the fall.

  2. Ooo I want to take Socioliguistics too!