Saturday, April 20, 2013

Work, work, work...all day long

Poor Tom gets little attention from me these days. If he were in the shape of a book or notebook then he would be tired of me by now. The assignments have been pouring in and deadlines starting to draw near. My Adult Learning class has the most amount of work, as far as number of assignments go. Since my Linguistics class has one big research paper, that is something I develop over time.

I think working on my Adult Learning stuff is more interesting since I can directly relate it to teaching. For example, one current assignment is to pick a teaching resource (listed in the syllabus) and come up with a 5 minute presentation that sums up it's usefulness. So far I have gathered information, thought about what I want to say and made the "handout". However, my handout is no ordinary formal page of data, instead I went the route of making a brochure! Produced within the past 3 hours it will hopefully give the other students in my class something different and worthy of keeping around.

Left to do on this assignment is to make a PPT presentation, prepare and be ready to go around the start of May. So I guess I'm halfway there. Yet I think I need to consider time management on these projects, because I still have lots to do elsewhere and not all the time in the world. For some reason my mind thinks the sky is the limit! When in reality other students are probably putting something together a few days before.

I'm not even really striving for an "A", more just wanting to do my best and really understand the material and how it relates to reality.

For a while I was feeling a little blue about all this reading and work I've been dong. Thinking, "what's the point?"'s all different in the classroom. But then I awoke from a crazy dream about teaching and felt that the desire to improve as a teacher and to also improve the experience of my students. Maximize!

Probably good to stop and rest at some point. :)


  1. Avoid the ruinous plop? Please explain WTF that is!

  2. Oh yeah! It's when an event happens in the class that ruins the class vibe of functional learning. Say one student raises their hand and speaks making a mistake. The whole class drops... or when class is boring... things dive down in energy and motivation. ..