Friday, May 10, 2013

Family Literacy - Something of Interest

As part of my Adult Learning course we have an assignment where you watch several videos then make some points about how it relates to what we're learning. One of the videos (above) is about a Family Literacy program for ESL learners in New York. I found this example program very enticing and something I would want to be a part of, not necessarily in that location.

Actually, there are several volunteer programs that allow you teach literacy and other subjects to ESL immigrants in my area. But unfortunately my availability has been thin with getting use to my first quarter and also substituting part time. But I'm sure these programs will take me in when I become available. 

I'm still scheduled for two Saturday's of training for a local volunteer group. I'm not looking forward to my time being cut into, but want to get involved with this program. 

Anyways, adult literacy for ESL students looks like a part of the field that would be interesting to me. Mostly because you can see the benefits on the student and as someone who lived abroad in a foreign language country I understand their daily tribulations. 

One article we read was about this Turkish woman who self-liberated from her oppressive society. One of the aspects of her liberation was that language was a form of oppression. I coined the term, "language liberation" after reading about how she became more literate and this helped her speak up for her rights. 

Ok back to the homework factory...

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