Wednesday, May 15, 2013


For the past two weeks we were having lovely sunny weather. These days things have cooled off a little, rain has come around and clouds with it too. But during those sunny days people seemed to bounce out of their house and join in on some pre-summer fun. I went to Greenlake again to surround myself with greenery and scenery.

I was surprised to see sunbathers, as that was really a rarity in Korea. Also some folks were swimming in the lake.

I took some time t make a few sketches...

Last weekend I found myself around Capitol Hill enjoying a Pea Patch community garden. Someone was in there doing sketching and it gave me a good idea for the future. Otherwise I enjoyed the garden's flowers and other plants.

As for school I have all my papers in written format and feel ready to tackle them, make them better and get them ready for the end of the quarter. I think this quarter was marked by a relationship I was with that didn't work out, and that I was distracted with that. I guess I just want to have it all; school, career and a relationship. Maybe I can't?

I guess you gotta take what life will give you, and not push for much more. hmm

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