Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Northwest Folklife Festival

Last weekend the Northwest Folklife Festival took over the Seattle Center with music, merchants and food. It was an interesting event to attend and made me seriously wonder why I didn't buy a "hippy skirt".

It's set up in a way where you travel the grounds and along the paths are minstrels and musicians playing anything from folk music to beating on plastic tubs for drumming.

Meanwhile the Space Needle loomed nearby...

Maybe if the sun did shine on the day I went it would have been too hot to enjoy the festival. So the little showers now and then weren't too much of a bother.

On one green grassy patch some musicians were playing and you could pick up hula hoops and have your go at it. The festival reminded me of similar events I went to when living in Northern California. The waft of pot in the air, along with "hippy" types mingling about. I couldn't help but think how far I've come since those times, and then to come back to a place that is similar.

One area of the festival had flowing water on the ground, which was funny to see considering how much rain Seattle gets. Yet sort of reminded me of the various water fountains found around Korea that double as playgrounds.

I'll finish this post with a rainbow I saw in the distance a few days later... my first rainbow in Seattle...

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