Monday, May 27, 2013

Story Games Seattle: Meetup Fun

I think I made the best choice to live in Seattle, because there are really fun and whacky things to do in this town. I use to search for these new adventures and do my best to get out to them. Last week I attended the Story Games Seattle meet up at the Raygun Lounge in Capitol Hill.

This wasn't just another run of the mill cafe, but a whole space dedicated for people playing these sorts of card or role playing games. The tables are big enough and the space ample to accomodate several groups.

After everyone gathered around a table we were instructed on how to play. Story Games are like role-playing games but there is a set story or theme to go by. Plus turns out there are cards, dice and sometimes chips.

The way it worked was a few individuals pitched "games" to everyone and we could choose which one we wanted to join. I chose "The Quiet Year", because it sounded the most easy to start off on.

In this game everyone isn't a character but a person from within a "community". Or you are representing the community, I'm not really sure. Anyways, the theme of the story is that there was an apocalyptic event and you are living within a community surviving. It's vague when the event occurred and the make up of your community.

Each person takes a turn, and first gets a card with a specific task or question to deal with. Then you get to use your action of either 1. building something new on the map 2. start a discussion with the group or 3. make a discovery.

In sum it was a fun game and you get to draw on the map and create this world as you go.

My contributions:
- On the left, a quarry with crystals and a glowing barrel inside it.
- On the right middle area, a palanquin with a pretty lady on it.
- Also contributed the defensive fence and bloddy rock outside it that randomly appeared one day.

I think I wouldn't mind playing this game again or going to the meetup and playing something different. I hear in other games you can be more of a specific character.

Also I felt inspired by these types of games towards teaching ESL, as for sure you could make something a bit more watered down for students. But overall seems like an inspiring source for materials.

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