Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camlinn Medieval Village near Carnation

Last weekend I ventured east towards Carnation, which is a small town in the foothill area out there. I decided to check out the Camlinn Medieval Village that I read about online, after doing a search of "places to go outside of Seattle."

Tucked in the woods and off the road, slightly, was a reinvention of a medieval village. When one thinks of the term "medieval" they might consider Renaissance Faires as a go-to reference. However, as I soon discovered, Camlinn was more into the real reenactment end of historical arenas. Before entering a noble man greeted me telling me about the village, it's people and the small faire one needs to pay to enter ($5).

The village was set up with these old time structures and a few shops with skilled people inside. When you do meet one of the village people they don't just eschew knowledge of their craft but talk to you in a tongue from the medieval time. "Yes" became "Yay" and so on. It's a little odd at first to encounter but then you get use to it and find yourself repeating some of the expressions.

On site were also a black smith (working away at something) and an archery field. Unfortunately one could only take part in the archery during festival time (next month) since that's when the ye-olde insurance kicks in. Also I missed out on the minstrels and knights which show up during that festival.

All together it was a small setting amongst the lovely greenery of the woods with a babbling creek nearby. Along with sheep and their fuzzy wool...

I'm sure this place gets packed during festival time, so I actually enjoyed the atmosphere with its lack of people. Below a view of what I assumed an area for pottery making.

The village does have a "restaurant" called Bors Hede which had an actual stuffed bor over the mantle. Here I dined on a fruit plate, honey mead (delicious!) and pottage made with local herbs and vegetables.

A nice finish to an enjoyable time at the village, however I found myself out of coinage and had to go down the hill and rob the bank to pay for my meal. Otherwise, I might have had to clean the dishes or perhaps sheer the sheep!

Anyways, it was a quick little getaway and one that was highly enjoyable.

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