Sunday, June 16, 2013

Coal Creek Trail

One can only stand the concrete urban jungle for so long. This was my case this weekend as I really felt the need to get out and go for a walk or hike, whatever just to get me away from city life. After a quick Google search of local trails I picked the Coal Creek Trail near Lancaster, which is east of Seattle by 20 minutes. It turned out to be a really good decision and the weather provided me with clear skies and good weather.

This trail is through a historical coal meaning area which has some relics left over from the past. However, due to dense overgrowth I couldn't really spot any mine shafts or other structures. I really mostly enjoyed being in the forest, hearing the birds and smelling the scents of nature.

Not too far from the entrance path is a waterfall with benches nearby to enjoy the scene. Indeed, I stopped here to soak it all in.

For the rest of my trek I mostly took it slow and enjoyed the company of trees and wildlife. I gave myself the time to just let go and enjoy the moment. Yet, I couldn't help but look back at my time in Korea and where I was now, thinking about the good times I spent over there. As I walked, I would stop now and then to look up at the canopy of the forest, admiring the sun shining in.

I did spot this concrete structure which might have been from the mining past, but not sure.

I'm not sure if these were blackberries or another berry, perhaps it's still early in the season to tell.

The trail clears out at one point and forks, where you could head uphill or downhill. I chose downhill and went into another wooded path, where I found a bench to sit on. There I rested and took in the whole journey.

I'm discovering that there are many trekking options around Seattle, and since I have a car it's not too hard to get out to them. I also liked that there weren't too many people on the trail and actually it was kind of nice to be by myself at times. As things warm up I hope to get out to some natural rivers or lakes to take a swim. :)

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