Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Opens

When June comes around you know that means it's summer. In fact May has always been an odd month for me. It's that 31 days before true summer begins, and actually on this June 1st it was sunny here in Seattle. I guess I'm going to be that person who counts the sunny days here or perhaps relishes them.

The next two weeks of June are my final days for my first quarter at Seattle University. I can't believe how fast time has flown by and that I'm already going to be on to my next quarter. I have to say it was kind of tough getting back into being a student and out of the work-life realm. But I feel I've gotten a grasp of it and know my limits and expectations. For sure studying for 5 hours straight is not exactly good for my brain, but I can see now that it's something I can do.

Since the reading is all done and my papers pretty much wrapped up, I'm kind of able to sit back and relax. Except for the fact that I have two presentations next week, one is by myself for my Linguistics class and the other is a group thing. I have the Linguistics one down pretty well, and should probably not practice so much so there can still be a level of spontaneity. I'm using cinemagraphs again for this presentation and the following are the ones I chose:

If anything my brochure and PPT should be pleasant enough to look at. The summer quarter is just around the corner, as I only have one week off. In that time I have scheduled some substituting to get in some practice and money. Gotta feed the Joy, somehow!

Also I completed my training for the volunteer program I signed up for last month. It was a fun two Saturdays of my life hearing familiar things and new topics on teaching ESL. This is for helping refugees and immigrants practice English. Adding this to my schedule will make me more busy but I know that one has to put in the hard work to get up in the career. I often look at Community College job ads and wonder if they're for me. Mostly they require the MA, so I guess I'll try once I'm there.

Otherwise Seattle life is pretty nice and I hope to get out to the mountains, lakes or rivers once I have my full summer vacation. Still haven't been up on the Space Needle yet, but I'm sure it will happen. :)

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