Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival at Seattle Center

After visiting the Mini Maker Faire I headed over to the Armory section of the Seattle Center to visit the Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival. The above picture is of a sketch gallery, where several artists were available to sketch you, if desired.

But mostly I came in during dance performances which varied from colonial style to peasant variations.

I was told that their shirts were transparent because during certain colonial times the ruling government mandated that they couldn't carry weapons. So they made transparent shirts to accommodate this kind of security check.

Overall the dances were lively, colorful and fun to watch. I've never really seen Philippine dancing before so it was nice to see it.

For most of the dances it seemed that they were displaying men courting women, which was humorous.

Meanwhile, there were a few tables out with merchandise and things for sale, including one with historical books on it.

Then came some dances involving glass cups on their heads, which was interesting. 

It was a two day festival and I was told on the second day I could have seen renowned martial artists perform, but I guess I'll have to catch that next year. Anyways, it was a packed crowd and full of food, culture and art.

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