Sunday, June 23, 2013

School's Back for Summer

The summer quarter starts tomorrow and I suppose I enjoyed my one week off. As you can see I took some time to get out and explore the area, while soaking in the warmer weather. However, my break was stopped short due to professors emailing out the class instructions to get ahead in the reading. I'm pretty sure most of my peers ignored that request, but I couldn't. So I hit the books last week and am all caught up now. Also, I'm trying to get ahead in the reading, since summer quarter is shorter than other sessions.

I'm actually excited for one of the courses I'll be taking, which is the second version of Linguistics. Here we're going to cover discourse analysis and already I find myself interested in the subject. Basically one will analyse written or spoken English looking for certain criteria.

"Discourse Analysis (DA) is a modern discipline of the social sciences that covers a wide variety of different sociolinguistic approaches. It aims to study and analyse the use of discourse in at least one of the three ways stated above, and more often than not, all of them at once. Analysis of discourse looks not only at the basic level of what is said, but takes into consideration the surrounding social and historical contexts"
 Our first assignment will be to select a spoken transcription and analyze it. I've been thinking about what to do and so far feel comfortable finding an interview of Bruce Lee where he talked about water. It inspired me long ago to consider Buddhist and Zen teaching, so I think I would feel some connection analyzing it. However, I'm still a little fuzzy on how to go about the assignment, which I hope will become clear during class.

The other class I'm taking is called "Educational Research", which basically is a cursor to graduate studies and how to do research. As you can tell this isn't going to be the most exciting course I will take. Already the book is a doozy to read, but nonetheless is actually helping me remember research methods and can help me with future projects.

I can sense that Seattle's real summer is around the corner, and I hope I don't miss it while in school. I really want to head out to a river or lake to get in some swimming this season.

Tom's been enjoying the warm weather, especially when I take him out on the porch for a walk around.

An old photo from Korea... (Do you miss the sound of the cicadas Tom?)

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