Monday, July 22, 2013

A dip in a lake

Summer in Seattle is really a great experience. On some days it reminds me of California, with clear blue skies and warm temperatures. Other times it gets a bit cloudy and a little cool. But overall I think I am pleased with the summer weather in Seattle.

I am also really fortunate to have made friends with someone who lives right next to a lake. Last Friday she invited me out (along with another friend) to swim.

I was a bit nervous at first to jump in, but after I did I felt so much relief. The cool water and natural area was enough to melt away this city girl's blues. Laying out there on her dock and having some girl time chatting going on, made me think that this kind of life is what I want to live up to. I day dreamed that I'll graduate, get a professional job (eventually) and then be able to buy or rent a small house out in the country area near Seattle. The commute would suck to wherever I'm working, but the warm afternoons sitting on a porch looking out on a lake or forest, would be worth it.

Another experience which made me grateful for moving back to America.

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