Saturday, July 6, 2013

My First Independence Day in Five Years

This July 4th holiday was especially important to me, as it was my first American Independence Day in five years. At this time of year, in Korea, I was usually plowing through summer camp at my school. Teaching 4 hours straight to a group of kids who probably wished they were out at the water parks. Actually, I kind of miss summer camp in the sense that you got to bond with a set of kids and make those sorts of relationships as a teacher.

But I think I use to always sit back and recall that, "Oh yea it's July 4th back home, I wonder what everyone is doing?" While I browsed the fun pictures family posted on Facebook. This year I wanted to enjoy the holiday and take in this American culture. Although my initial plans didn't quite work out, I ended up at Gasworks park near Lake Union, which is known for a large crowd and good show.

As the sky darkened and everyone waited in anticipation for the show to start, I felt a little skeptical that this was going to live up to my hopes. But then the Star Spangled Banner came on the speakers and a welling of pride and joy for my country came up in me. All the five years I had missed of this special American day had washed away and I was ready for a show of lights.

This show had fireworks shoot off to different songs, some of which were thematic to "lights" and other mostly patriotic in nature. I couldn't help but enjoy the whole thing, as corny as it was.

I think I'm going to plan better next year to attend one of the other venues around Seattle, and really take in this American holiday. Yet I still enjoyed the one I saw last night and I suppose it renewed my drive to live here and be here.

A little video of the night:

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