Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Sub Pop Records Silver Jubilee

Sub Pop Records, which is home to many artists I have listened to throughout my life, hosted a 25th anniversary public concert here in Seattle. It was such a "pop up" sort of deal that I didn't know about it till the morning of.

Called the, "Sub Pop Records Silver Jubilee" and took place on a warm sunny Saturday in Georgetown, Washington.

I personally haven't been to an outdoor concert like this in a long time. In fact, I don't think I've ever been to one with several stages. There were many performers to choose from, ranging from well known acts to newer ones.

This was my first time at Georgetown, which is a little city situated below the Seattle proper area. Known for some nice restaurants and kooky shops, it's situated in an old industrial part of town. Wikipedia:
"Georgetown is arguably the oldest neighborhood of Seattle. Georgetown's first settlement was founded on September 27, 1851, when Luther Collins, Henry Van Asselt, and the Maple family arrived with their household goods with the intention of farming the rich alluvial lands of the Duwamish delta."
What you are left with is interesting architecture to look at and history to ponder over. So situated along this one street were three stages, food trucks and vendors. I actually found the whole set up quite nice and there was a relaxed atmosphere and not a high presence of police on the scene.

It's fun being a part of this music culture, considering I listen to several bands on this label. At this concert I heard:

The Baptist Generals:

J Mascis (My favorite):

Father John Misty (the lead singer had a funny way of singing, not to mention the technical difficulties they had setting up):

The best part of the whole experience was having the Full Tilt ice-cream bar "Mudhoney", which was cinnamon and honey ice-cream with chocolate on top. 

Attending this eventful day helped shake my "Korea blues" and helped remind me how much I missed living in America, and generally just to live in the moment and enjoy life. During the J. Mascis concert I closed my eyes and let the sun soak into my skin, while getting lost in the guitar chords. Perhaps the waft of smoke around me helped with that feeling, but I decided to enjoy the moment...didn't I?!

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  1. ...looks like you got into that smoke Joyous! ;)