Sunday, July 7, 2013

Volunteer Park Conservatory: Flower and Flora Invasion

Volunteer Park is located just a bit north of where I live (about 8 min. drive) and is situated above Capitol Hill near Madrona. When looking on a map it's a nice green space that takes up the area. To get my nose out of the books and my face away from my screen I try to get out now and then and enjoy what Seattle has to offer.

So it is that I took in this green space and it's Conservatory of flowers and flora. Without further ado is a very high load of "flower photos" for you to enjoy. In some sense you might end up overwhelmed by all the glory that beautiful colors arranged in lovely patterns can make in nature. Indeed, I had a really good time in the Conservatory and the fact that it happened to be one of their free entry days, made it even better. So without further ado...

When I walked around and looked at the flowers I really liked the way the light landed on them and was spread out. Perhaps you can see this in the above photos.

The Conservatory was also decorated with glass-flower sculptures which added an artistic touch...

More flowers:

I also enjoyed the patterns created in the leafy bunches found throughout the Conservatory. 

Some shots of the interior walkways...

One interesting section had this sound sculpture attached to the roof, which when moved by wind made chiming sounds.

Cacti, succulents, carnivorous plants...

Needless to say, I'm inspired now to draw or paint from one of these photos and in fact that's pretty much what I thought about when I was taking them. 

After the Conservatory I wondered through the park and found the following lovely flower. Then I moved from place to place finding the coziest spot to draw, and ended up with the following drawing. Overall I hope to be back in the park to find more fun spots to enjoy.

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