Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back at the Yuba

Weather has been cooling down slightly here but yesterday it was clear and hot enough to head back to the river. This time someone came with me and this would be a good time to introduce him.

Ladies and boyfriend...Ian...

We've been together about 6 months and he's never been out to this part of California so he's been having a good time. Anyways I won't really go into much detail about our relationship...if you have questions send them my way, I guess.

It was a good day for swimming and enjoying the California sun with some clouds here and there.

Mostly I was just really happy to be at the river again after being so far away from it for so long. So just today and tomorrow left here in Nevada County...then back to the Seattle grind. However, I do miss Tom and hope he's doing well without me. Hang in there little buddy!

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