Sunday, August 11, 2013

End of the 2nd Quarter

Summer seems to be winding down here in the Pacific Northwest. I can tell this because it starts becoming dusk around 8:30, as opposed to 9:50. However, I realized today that I like summers here and will hold on to that as the cloudy days are to come in winter.

Well tomorrow is my last week in this quarter and that would make two quarters already done. I think I've got the hang of graduate life and understand how it works. So far I find myself enjoying my classes and find it's easy to grasp the things that interest me than to struggle with topics that I don't yet quite understand. On the side, I've been reteaching myself grammar, because I think it's high time I have a strong background in that department.

As much as I've been enjoying class, studying and doing school work we will have a 5 week break before the next quarter. So I'm going to head down to California to visit my folks who I haven't seen in some time. One of the reasons that I decided to live back in America was that I'd be closer to family, and so this is a way of making that work.

In essence I am grasping the fact that it will almost be 6 months since I left Korea. And although at times I feel like I'm missing something or homesick for Korea I do remember some specific reasons I left. I know American life is certainly harder than Korean in finances and moving up in the job world. But I also know if you work hard enough you can get there. So when I'm traveling around the outer edges of Seattle and see cute cottages next to tall evergreen trees, I think, "I sure wouldn't mind living like that." It's a dream I'm holding onto as I count every penny in my pocket and time spent with my nose in a book. I guess, it's my American dream.

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