Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Get Away To Come Back

My trip back to California has ended and I'm writing this back in Seattle. But as I rest up and process the past 7 days I've started to gather that this trip was really good for me. I'm mostly feeling able to look back on those first five months I had here in Seattle after leaving Korea. During that time, it seems, I was making my new life in America and at the same time looking back at the life I had abroad.

I have to admit that there were some dark times in the past few months, where it was difficult for me to accept the decision I had made. There were also times I felt lonely in a new town and also stressed with the hardships that make up American life.

But it seems I was able to get through all that and end up in my dad's mountain town, where I could relax and take a deep breath.

Now I'm understanding that my decision to come back to America was in all essence a very good thing. In a sense I feel a lot more like myself being in America and that my experiences abroad have helped shape me in many ways. What I want to say is that I'm ready to go forward and carve more of a life for myself here. I want to enjoy this life as much as possible and to develop myself as a teacher along the way.

Coming back to Seattle, it did feel like I was coming home. I felt really good that I picked Seattle as my new place to live because already I have enjoyed so many things here. The seasons will be changing soon and summer will fade behind us, but I want to go forward with a renewed sense of spirit and enthusiasm. So ...I guess...better step to it!

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