Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On the flip side

My advisors asked us MATESOL students if we had the time to volunteer to give feedback to a group of visiting Korean teachers. These are a set of teachers who are here to learn more about teaching English, then head back to Korea.

Today I did just that, and with a panel of other students watched several groups give teaching presentations. I have to say I felt a lot of flashbacks to teaching in Korea, especially the coteaching part. It reminded me of many things and I almost felt like I was in Korea again, but this time I was on the flip side. I was giving feedback to Korean English teachers, instead of them observing me. It was odd, fun and quite educational.

Overall their lessons were very good and showed that they know to use different methods and strategies. I gave positive feedback and some pointers here and there.

I was asked to come back tomorrow for the wrap-up session since they will be leaving for Korea in 2 days. Maybe I'll get a chance to mingle with them and share thoughts and stories.

I have to say, though, that it did feel good to be over here and on this end where I can help teachers teach English.

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