Thursday, August 22, 2013


Up here in the Sierra Foothills off of highway 49 lies two sister cities, one Grass Valley and the other Nevada City. My dad lives nearby Nevada City which is a quick little walk away. But down the freeway just about 8 minutes is downtown Grass Valley. It's a bit bigger than Nevada City and in some ways has it's own charm and unique style.

I had some time before meeting my friend for lunch and so enjoyed browsing through the local shops.
In one shoe store I found a really cute pair that I would definitely buy if I weren't on a student budget. But my birthday is coming up so I did get a new purse from the store, which I'll have to get a picture of someday.

I had lunch with my friend at the South Pine Cafe, where I consumed the best tofu scramble I've ever had.

Afterwards, we headed to a local thrift shop that sells stuff at decent prices. I'm talking $3.00 for a shirt, which is what the price of things at thrift stores used to be until it became hip.

Another fine time here in Nevada County~

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