Sunday, August 4, 2013

What to make of Bellevue

Across from Seattle is a town called Bellevue. It's where some Microsoft buildings are and other tech firms. When going over to Bellevue you know you have left Seattle because several things look different. For one it's a newer looking city with tall, shiny glass and steel buildings. It also is like the retail core here in Seattle but on a larger scale. In some sense, when I go to Bellevue I sort of feel like I'm going to Gangnam. The new shiny buildings, retail shops and abundance of what looks to be well off people sort of resembles what it's like to head to the core of Gangnam back in Korea.

Last weekend I went to Bellevue with a friend to enjoy their arts festival. Overall it was a good experience but I think it was more crafty than arts and pretty much scaled down. They did have musicians playing, so I'll give them that. But it wasn't really what I was expecting and after a while the booths became repetitive.

Unlike Korea though this was easy to navigate, look at things and walk around without having to tip toe through a large crowd. So in some sense it's a bit of a welcome compared to Gangnam.

I had a good time despite my mixed feelings on Bellevue and found some treasures along the way.

The Kettle Corn wafted throughout the air...

As we left the art fair we walked through one alley that was a designated chalk drawing area.

Throughout the region there are other art festivals that go on so I might be pressed to visit those and see how they compare. For now I'm still going to work out how I feel about Bellevue, but I don't really go there that often anyways.

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