Monday, September 30, 2013

Canada or Bust

A fall storm that brought record breaking rainfall to the area did not stop Ian and me from heading north to Canada for my birthday. It's my first birthday back in America and as the date approached I wanted to do something noteworthy. At first I figured I would go to an area which is famous for it's waterfalls, here in Washington. But then my mind thought bigger and a trip to Vancouver was planned.

The drive up to the border took us through some mountainous areas of northern Washington and then finally the border crossing was revealed. Crossing into Canada was exciting and even more so when you drive off and notice little things that are different. Such as signs in kilometers (I had to change my odometer to match it) and other such differences.

Our stay was in the downtown area of Vancouver also known as the Financial District. We stayed at a small hostel called the St. Clair Hostel and Hotel, which had a nautical theme.

This was my first time staying in a hostel and I would say it meets your basic needs. The shared bathroom was probably the hardest to get used to, but it also served it's purpose. Our first day in Vancouver was kind of haphazard as we both were tired from the drive and I had a little cold. So we looked around a bit, had Korean for lunch and I picked up a cake for later.

What I liked about Vancouver is that it felt like a real city with buildings densely aligned along the streets and also cheap food available at nearly every corner. The options for Asian food were outstanding and I am very much impressed that Vancouver is an international city. I was actually thinking of going to the college there but didn't want to be on a visa again. However, I can tell there must be ESL jobs up there so might consider it in the future.

After dinner I took out the cake I bought, put in my candles and made my wish. 31 was definitely a transformative year with my decision to leave Korea and head back to America. Now that those days are over I can hope that 32 will be filled not just with study, but with renewal of spirit and the building of a bright future.

~More to come from my 2nd day in Vancouver. :)

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