Sunday, September 1, 2013

Daejon Park in Seattle

It seems that Seattle has about 400 parks and I didn't even know that one close to where I live was in place to represent Seattle as a sister city of Daejon, South Korea. Now, I actually never went to Daejon but usually passed by it on my way south to Busan. A little bit south of where I live (Central District) is Beacon Hill. I haven't really been around this area too much, usually driving past it on my way back from someplace.

Located in Daejon park is a Korean pavilion built that is practically a direct replica of what you would find in Korea. Indeed, these pavilions were all over Korea in parks, on top of mountains and in neighborhoods.

It did have that "Korean" feel to it and I sat down and enjoyed the scenery, which was muddled a bit by the nearby freeway. But I was pleased to see the decoration was painted on as sometimes in Korea they were just applied stickers.

Supposedly Seattle has many sister cities and this is just one of them. If you want more information on the history and other elements of the park go here.

The rest of the park was quite nice with a long stretch of green space, trees and some art installations.

Some of this art is part of the project Art Interruptions going on this year. But what was really nice was a spot where you could see downtown Seattle.

I might return to this park someday, but geared up with kimbop and Korean rice drinks to celebrate the sister city feel. Otherwise I can mark it off on the list of parks to visit here in Seattle.

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