Monday, September 23, 2013

First Chuseok Away from Chuseok Land

I'll be honest, Chuseok for foreigners in Korea was that time of the year where you could do something locally (culturally) or get away from Korea. It gave you several days off from work and emptied out Seoul so you could pretend you lived in an average city. I was fortunate to experience Chuseok with some of my Korean ex's and got that traditional feeling.

When Chuseok came around last week (and weekend) I felt the need to celebrate in some form. So I went to Kimchi Bistro (a small restaurant) and had my fill of good Korean food.

Already I've been to several Korean restaurants in the area, and there have been ones that come very close and those that really put Korean food to shame. Kimchi Bistro is now by far the best Korean restaurant I have been to here in Seattle. Why? You see that pot of soup in the picture on the left bottom corner? It burnt my mouth when I tried to eat it, and actually that is pretty close to what usually always happened in Korea. The jiggae has to be piping boiling hot, coming right off the stove when served. Also this jiggae wasn't weak! It had the right punch to it and correct amount of veggies and seafood in it. I also ordered bulgolgi which you can see there in the center. That too had a pretty authentic taste to it, although I was expecting it to come out in a small pot with rice. Ah well! 

Korean food is still expensive here in America, for some reason. I'm guessing due to the price of ingredients or that they want to be competitive? Either way I think I might make a trip to the huge Korean supermarket nearby and stock up on ingredients to make my own K-food at home. 

So yes, I missed out on Chuseok this year in Korea but I'm going to get all my American holidays back for the first time. Halloween is coming and I'm already excited to just be here and see the pumpkins in the store and racks of candy for sale. Then there will be my first Thanksgiving in what feels like eons! Hopefully my boyfriend's family will do something and I can go to that, if not at least all the ingredients will be easily and cheaply at hand. 

Happy Chuseok to those people out there!!


  1. Joy, we've never met, but I stumbled across your blog in Korea a while ago. I've been following your experience ever since then. I'm glad to see that you are doing well back in the States, and that I get to experience Seattle vicariously through you :). Good luck with your program!

  2. Thanks so much for continuing to read my old blog and my new blog. :)