Thursday, September 26, 2013

Golden Gardens

Last weekend we noticed the sun peaking through and warm air around us. So we decided to head to Golden Gardens park in Ballard. Here we enjoyed a nice walk on the beach next to the Puget Sound and admired the clouds.

It was really nice to get out and enjoy this kind of scenery as the temperatures have dropped and cloudy skies are very much present these days. This week begins my 3rd Quarter as a graduate student here in Seattle. I must say time sure does feel like it's flying by and I have just about 1.5 more years till I graduate.

I would say that I feel more settled here in Seattle and back in America, in general. Sure there are times when I feel economic strain or that local politics rubs me the wrong way. But I have to say I don't really miss being cramped into my old apartment in Seoul, seeing lots and lots of people everywhere I went and feeling suffocated by the dense urban landscape. With that said I do miss parts of Korea sometimes, but it doesn't get me down as before.

Also knowing that there is still so much to explore and do here in the Pacific Northwest that I can't help but get excited thinking and planning when I'll get out there. So in some sense I do feel like I'm at a turning point, but school is picking up again and that will keep me distracted for a while.

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