Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Henry Art Galley at UW

One of the artists I remember learning about in my first ever contemporary art class in college was James Turrell. His concept of creating spaces by allowing small light to enter through the rough really captivated me. If anything art should pass on an experience to someone and his work attempts that.

Well I'm actually pretty tired right now cause I'm subbing for a whole week here and waking up earlier than I should. So I'll just share the lovely photos and make a flub here and there.

So I was really happy to see a James Turrell piece at the Henry Art Gallery at the UW campus. It wasn't a particularly bright day but still the space inside was illuminated by the small amount sky light above.

The room was a rotund oval with a smooth wooden bench to sit on and gaze up at the opening on the ceiling. The warm and cool colors really helped make a calming effect and the clean lines of the room let you relax even more.

As I looked up at the oval opening above and my eyes adjusted, I couldn't help but think I was seeing shifting colors. Not sure if this was an optical illusion or an effect from clouds passing by.

The rest of the gallery was nice, except I wasn't allowed to take photos. I saw some watercolor pieces that were contemporary and really liked them. Otherwise I had a good time at this small gallery on the UW campus.

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