Monday, September 2, 2013

PAX Seattle: Gamer's Delight

Do I play video games? Not really. Actually the last time I probably played a game all the way through was in high school or when I had my first iPod touch. Otherwise why on earth would I go to a video gaming convention? The answer is that my bf is a gamer and I figured this would be fun to experience with him. In the end, it was fun but a bit overwhelming. It really is a big industry and there really are a lot of people enjoying it. 

So even though I didn't actually play any games at PAX, I found that the indie games were interesting to look at and the table top gaming area a much needed refuge. 

Do I wish I played video games after wondering through the land of it? Eh, not really. I recall when I did play video games is that I usually would get to a point where I couldn't advance, no mater how hard I tried. I would get frustrated and give up on the game. So in some sense I'm not keen to endure that again. However, I wouldn't mind finding a game to play that doesn't involve a lot of killing or extreme strategy but one that is beautiful to look at and has a unique gameplay. I'm sure it's out there. 

Otherwise, with Grad school I doubt I would even have time for games...oh well. But I do have time for table top gaming (boardgames), which I find to be really enjoyable and a good way to socialize. So there's that!

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