Monday, September 16, 2013

September Breeze

September has brought in wind, clouds and rain to the Seattle area. The cooling down is somewhat welcomed after weeks of warm and sometimes hot weather. However, I will say that my first summer in Seattle was really good and looking back not only was the weather great but the activities I took part in were really fun.

Last week I subbed the whole time for a teacher. This helped me understand better the business of teaching multiple adult classes in a day to a multi-cultured student body. Thankfully, the class load wasn't too difficult. There were only two group classes and the rest were private tutors (one of which didn't show up till the last day). Also the levels were mostly beginner, except for the conversation class. I mostly enjoyed teaching the conversation class because it prompted students to speak more than the teacher. However, I really wish I had planned for this one more instead of planning as much as I did for the Level 1. Yet, I did get in some planning but I think I could of thought of more activities or prompts for the conversation class. All in all, I feel more confident subbing at that school and also see blossoming in me the ability to teach and understand grammar. Small steps...

This is my last week before the Fall Quarter begins and then it's back to studying and writing. I think I am going to try and find a nice cafe or library to study in, as studying all the time at home can get kind of tedious. Plus hot decaffeinated chai can be really yummy.

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