Friday, September 20, 2013

Washington Park Arboretum

When I see two sun symbols on my weekly weather forecast, I can't help but recognize the need to go out and enjoy it. That's what I did yesterday by exploring one of the many parks here in Seattle. I went to the Washington Park Arboretum which is home to several trails, a Japanese garden and a collection of diverse plants.

I guess I started myself off on the end that doesn't touch the water as I didn't even know there was a part where you could walk through the marsh or wet field near the lake. I'll have to start at that end next time.

Despite not knowing the full extent of the park I enjoyed what I saw anyways. I mostly walked on one of the paths then sat down at a bench, soaked in the sun and did some relaxing.

As the rain comes, and it's a guaranteed, I'll look back fondly on these sunny days. But I know I'll have places I could go to get out of the rain that are enjoyable (cafes, museums, libraries).

By the way, I think Tom had a good summer with plenty of sunshine pouring in from the window to soak up in. The following pictures are of him hunting down a fly in my room.

My little Tom has grown!

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