Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cat Update: Tom Needs a Diet

My poor Thomas, he managed to get through his Vet visit but not with a few yowls along the way. So turns out Tom is just too fat and they think it's constipation (due to description of cat poop...will spare you the details). So the Vet has recommended Tom go on a good quality and high protein wet food diet with Miralax mixed in to his problem. I'll have to slowly ween him off the dry food and also need to make sure he's getting enough water. I have noticed he doesn't drink much from the bowl but prefers a bamboo plant (which sits in a pot of water) in the bathroom. So I'm going to invest in one of those fountain water dishes.

I'm actually relieved it's not the litter because it means Tom can have a healthier shot at life. Also switching litters would have been a real expensive pain in the butt. I only hope he gets better from here and that I learn to be a better mommy. I do feel a bit guilty but I guess that's what happens.

Spoiled Cat!

If you're in the Seattle area I highly recommend Four Paws Veterinary Clinic in the Seward Park area. They were clean, friendly and professional. Most importantly they weren't too expensive and also took good care of Tom while I was there. Check them out!

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