Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall is Here

We're actually having really great weather this weekend here in Seattle. The skies have wispy clouds in them, but things are pretty much rain free unlike last weekend. As the skies cleared I noticed that Fall was in effect. Trees are turning yellow and other such nature like items are drying out. I am glad to see that Seattle takes on this season, which does help one transfer into winter.

I've already been through two seasons here in Seattle, and it makes me realize how fast time is going by. Last year, around this time, I was busy preparing and teaching my students the drama they would put on during the drama festival. It was tiring and the drama at work between coworkers was stressful. Now that it's all over and in the past, I think I feel much better.

I feel like I'm learning so much and relearning too, as I go along. This quarter I'm taking 2nd Language Acquisition and already can see how dynamic it is to learn English but also teach it. Of course I already know it's a dynamic job, which is mostly why I like doing it.

These past few weeks I feel like I got a lot of subbing under my belt and I'm starting to see better what it's like to teach adults. I also am accepting that as a sub I can't know everything I'm going to do ahead of time, but having a toolbox of strategies seems to be working well.

Yet, this semester is going to be a busy one with the Curriculum Design for Adult Learners being a doozy. However I have a strong feeling that engaging and getting through this class will really pay off later on. How could having designed some curriculum not look good during a job interview?

(Above my Russian ESL students). This immigrant class I teach has really been going well. Although I show up pretty much tired from a week of studying and going to classes I seem to impress them. I received flowers from them this week for my birthday, and it was such a pleasant surprise. I hope I'm inspiring them to use English more confidently as they live here.

So Fall is going to be a busy time for me but I'm sure I'll catch up and have time to enjoy this season. I'm hoping to do some pumpkin carving...maybe even go out to a pumpkin patch!

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