Thursday, October 3, 2013

Letter to the Manager of the Cashier / Barista Who Treated Me Like Dirt Today

  I already today verbally gave a complaint about poor service I received at The Bottom Line Cafe, but I want to hand in a written one. First of all thank you for listening to me and offering me the free hot tea.

So this is what happened that I found offensive:

I approached the counter and wasn't sure to order yet because the cashier behind the counter was counting money from the drawer. I wasn't sure if she was going off duty so I looked around to see if I was supposed to order from someone else. After a while she said to me, "Whenever you're ready, I can take your order." Here is where things got confused. My goal was to get a hot tea but I asked for hot water. She said "What size?" and I said the smallest. She asked for a quarter and I gave it to her, although I had my debit card out and ready to pay more. I ordered hot tea last week and so was expecting it to be a dollar something. But I figured she understood what I wanted and went with it. So I understand I made the mistake of ordering incorrectly. At some point between all that I did pick out a tea bag from the offerings in front of the cash register.

When I went over to get the hot water I noticed none was coming out. So I alerted the other attendant to help me. He came over but then the same woman came over instead. She saw the tea bag and asked, "Where did you get this?" Now her tone was not friendly at all and made it sound like I was a thief. So I told her I got it from you guys (the cafe). She then said something like, "If you want hot tea you have to ask for hot...tea..." In a slow manner as if I'm either an idiot or can't speak English. She didn't look at me in a friendly way and her manner was just plane rude. I felt incredibly embarrassed because I knew my mistake but didn't need to be scolded by her. She then told me, "So when are you going to pay the $1.25?" At that point I didn't know whether I wanted it anymore since I felt so horrible. I just left it all there. So I do apologize for any expense left.

Clearly this isn't the worst thing in the world but I can tell you her tone and manner was not friendly and really crossed the border of acceptable. I've worked in service before and can be guilty of having bad days but this I can't overlook.

I don't know your protocol for such actions but I feel that the cafe's at the school are quite useful and I've enjoyed going to them. I've never had a problem like this before.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope to have a better experience next time.


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